Jason Alvarado

Jason Alvarado

Star Academy, Colorado Springs

United States

About Jason Alvarado

Jason Alvarado is currently a third grade teacher for Star Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. Alvarado has been an educator for 14 years, which he says is his main passion only second to serving Christ and raising his own beautiful children. He has worked with a variety of different ages over the years and his strength is teaching 1st grade. He says he loves establishing a solid literacy foundation for his students. He believes that reading is the key to academic success in all content areas and empowers each child to blossom into successful, confident learners. Prior to relocating to Colorado Springs Jason Alvarado worked for School D-60 for 11 years where he was selected as Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year in 2006. He has also taught in non-traditional educational frameworks, including the Montessori Learning Center, Keating Alternative Night School and Sunday school at the Belmont Nazarene Church and Victory Outreach Church.


When asked about his philosophy of education and where his passion stems from, Jason Alvarado said that his goal is to personally connect with every student and their family. He believes that this connection, a deep and personal one, is the opening to tapping into a child’s strengths and interests. Each child has a wealth of different aspects and challenges. Alvarado believes that if he understands a student’s true interests, he can leverage this to help each student concentrate on learning. He believes that each learner has various ways in which s/he is able to delve into new knowledge, and only by channeling the student’s nature will a teacher be effective. Teaching, Alvarado believes, is the root of a positive society in which all individuals are able to work together, cooperate and contribute in a meaningful way as adults.


Jason Alvarado also believes in an integrated curriculum. Not only can such a curriculum influence what skills and knowledge students are exposed to, it also provides more opportunities for children to learn the things that will actually be practical for them in the future. Alvarado is a creative individual himself and finds different ways to exercise his creativity in the classroom to meet the individual needs of each student.  Jason is also committed to the idea of always being a learner. The best teachers are those who can learn from their students while teaching them. Alvarado definitely believes that he is learning all the time, thus his reasons for choosing to be an educator.


Former employers and colleagues in and around Colorado Springs have described Jason Alvarado as a remarkable person, filled with empathy and enthusiasm towards children. His ability to create a positive learning environment is one of his greatest strengths. He is able to maintain an atmosphere of discipline, while also making learning fun. Colleagues and employers also commend Alvarado for his tremendous organization skills and positive attitude. He is also recognized across the board as being incredibly kind, loving, dedicated, and compassionate which are reasons why students thrive in his classroom and demonstrate so much growth.


Alvarado is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Compassion International, and volunteers with the Work and Witness project. He is dedicated to Jesus and his children. Some of Alvarado’s other hobbies are hiking, fishing, biking and reading. In line with his love of teaching, Alvarado also loves to spread the word of Jesus.

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